Your french teacher

your french teacher
Learning french …

Hello !

My name is Natacha. I am a certified French teacher from l’Alliance Française and I have a DAEFLE degree in teaching French as a Second Language.  As I have been teaching french abroad and in France for many years, I learned how to adapt my classes to my student’s needs and ways of learning.

My teaching style is lively and spontaneous, I like sharing my passions and having interesting conversations. I enjoy finding ways to combine learning with pleasure.

You will be coached in your learning process, provided with lots of different situations to challenge your spoken french and interact with locals. I will be with you to answer your needs and journey with you at your own pace.

I speak fluent english and spanish but we’ll use these languages only in case of necessity, during your stay here we will speak french only!…

                     Quickly discover the program of classes and activities that I offer you as well as the sublime place where you will be staying.


In addition, I also offer you a choice of many different activities. So you will learn french effortlessly, while experiencing something else…

I’ll be really happy to share with you some of my following passions:

– Yoga and chi-kung

– Initiation to Shiatsu massage ( I am a graduated Shiatsu Therapist and could teach you the basics of this art) minimum 2 persons.

– Botanic walks: learn how to recognise and prepare wild edible plants, or wild medicinal plants.

                                         – Artistic activities:

– learn how to create an ocarina out of clay (small ceramic flute you can wear around your neck)

– learn felt sculpting (needle technic) to create a puppet for example…

– wood carving and mobile creations

– pyrography

– vegetable dyeing and leaf printing

– watercolors painting, clay modeling, Origami, landart and much more…