The classes and the program

The formal classes usually take place in the morning and you can choose to get from 1 to 4 hours of private french classes everyday

(2 hours per day is usually enough to make fast progress and still leaves time to relax, enjoy and keep learning in a more casual way)


My classes are lively, playful and interactive. We will be using authentic documents, vidéos, songs, games, practice role playing… The classes will be adapted to your level, your interests and aspirations, and I will accompany you throughout your learning process around the clock.

Except in case of necessity, during your stay here  we will speak French only!…
You will see it is not that difficult, you will soon develop your own strategies to be understood, and you’ll be surprised to think and dream in French in no time !…

The plus…

One of the advantages of a French immersion stay is that “formal classes” and “real life” (daily interactions and activities) are intertwined with each other:
We can adapt the morning ‘formal’ classes to the needs and interrogations that arise during the previous day’s activity.
On the other hand we can also tailor a course in preparation for the afternoon activities… (For example we can do a class on buying and bargaining in the morning classes before going to a flea market in the afternoon…)
In this way grammar and new vocabulary will be taught and integrated naturally and easily  as part of your life experience here…

If you wish so I will also help you to keep a diary in French to remember your stay here and to help you practice your written skills in French…

special requests

If you have a specific field on which you want to improve, just let me know and I’ll make sure we cover it in depth.

Program of a usual day during your french immersion stay…

8 amAwakening time
8.30 to 9.30Breakfast together and chat over the program of the day depending on the weather and on your aspirations for the day…
9.30 to 11.30French classes
11.30 to 1pmFree time or cooking time together (if you wish so)
1pm to 2pm

2pm to 3 pm

Meal together

Free time

3pm to 6 pmExcursion, outside or inside activity
6pm to 8.30 pmFree time or cooking time together
8.30 pm to 9.30pmMeal together
9.30 to 11pmFree time or Evening together, chat, games, movies or going out…

Of course this is only an example, the program of the day will be flexible depending on your needs and desires. Each person has a different way of learning, some will need more free time than others to assimilate and integrate the new knowlege and information…This french immersion stay will be tailored for you!

Example of a program for a week immersion stay:

Arrival from 5 pm ; welcome drink and snack ; get settled in your room ; chat over the program of the week ; Meal and evening together.
Morning: French classes
Afternoon: excursion to the lake of montbel, swim, walk or explore the lake with rented “stand up paddle”… drink in the “guinguette” by the lake…
Evening: free time or chatting, playing games, watching a french movie or doing an artistic activity (see “Bonus” in teacher).
Morning: Shopping in the typical market of Mirepoix and visit of its medieval city.
Afternoon: French classes from 2 to 4pm, tea-snack, walk or cycle around the village and to the beautiful river of Belesta. Preparation of sushis together
Evening: Sushi meal with some of my local friends at home.
Morning: French classes
Afternoon: Visit of the castle of Puivert (with storytelling and medieval songs) and swim in the lake nearby.
Evening at the local brasserie to taste the home brewed beer and meet local poeple…
(the “day off”)
Morning: french classes
afternoon: free time for you to do what you please and relax your brain from french speaking!
Evening: free time or live music in a bar of a nearby village.
Morning: french classes
Afternoon: visit of the “Niaux cave” and its amazing prehistoric paintings. Drive to Carcassonne. Meal in our private apartment with a stunning view over the world famous medieval city of Carcassonne .
Evening walk in the small streets of the “cité de Carcassonne”
Morning: French classes in Carcassonne’s appartement.
Afternoon: visit of the “cité de Carcassonne” by day and wine tasting tour on the way back (or shopping on a flea market).
evening: free time at home in Belesta, or chatting, playing games, watching a french movie or doing an artistic activity (see in teacher).
Morning: Breakfast together then a debrief of the week, goodbyes and departure before 11am