Whether you come alone or with your friends or family,
I can offer you exceptional prices (as I work free lance):
from 450 euros to 1.000 euros per person for a all inclusive 1 week immersion stay!

Prices for the “all inclusive immersion stays”:

From 450 to 1000 euros per person (whether you come alone or with your friends or family).

A discount is also aplies if you come for more then a week. :

All inclusive
immersion stays

1 week

2 weeks
(10% discount on the 2nd week)

3 weeks
(10% discount on 2nd and 3rd)

1 person
1.000 euros

1.900 euros

2.800 euros

2 persons

1.400 euros
= 700 euros per person

2.660 euros
= 1.330 euros per person

3.920 euros
= 1.960 euros per person

3 persons

1.600 euros
= 533 euros per person

3.040 euros
= 1.013 euros per person

4.480 euros
= 1.493 euros per person

4 persons

1.800 euros
=450 euros per person

3.420 euros
=855 euros per person

5.040 euros
=1260 euros per person

It includes (for 1 week):

– full board accomodation (7 nights in your spacious comfortable private room; 7 breakfasts and 13 meals, drinks)
– 2 hours of private french classes every day (during 6 days)
– french coaching all day with at least one excursion*, visit or activity every day (appart from the “day off” in the midle of the week when you will have an afternoon free to take a break and help you assimilate all the new knowledge and informations)
*For the excursions needing a car, the gas expenses are included up to 250 km per week (including pick up from Foix or Quillan).

Is not included:

– outside drinks and personal expenses
– entry fees to touristic sites or outdoor activities
– gasoil expenses over 250 km per week .

Note 1: If you want to come for less then a week or if you want to make your own stay “à la carte”, please contact me for more details.

Note 2: And if you don’t have too much time for a long immersion or if you just want to check it out, you also can come for a day of immersion from 11am to 6 pm. We will play some games in french, cook and eat together, visit some interesting places around or do some artistic activities together, all in french!… I offer this service through airbnb, just go and check it out!:

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